Collective Worship at Our Lady’s Bishop Eton

Daily collective worship is central to all we do here at OLBE, providing opportunities for pupils and staff to worship God, reflect on Jesus’ role in their lives and develop community spirit/ shared values.It takes many forms and is led by both pupils and staff. We follow the liturgical year and respond to world events and issues the children wish to explore.

We encourage everyone to respond to the prayer experiences offered in a heartfelt way and foster a sense of respect for those of other faiths.

Pope Francis invites us to ‘share the journey.’

“Hope is what drives the hearts of those who depart,”

As millions of God’s children flee war, persecution and poverty, we invite you to share their journey by walking with them in prayer and support.

Collective Worship Commitee

Introducing our Collective Worship Commitee.

Our Collective Worship Commitee is made up of a team of dedicated Year 6 children who help lead, plan and facilitate collective worship through out the school.

They have planned and led whole school collective worship for special occaisions, such as All Saints Day.
In addition the team work with younger children to help them to plan collective worship for their own classes to experience.