Learn about life and science in the frozen north. Meet explorers and scientists and discover the wonders of the Arctic! Here are some of the sessions for children aged 5-11:

This food chain activity introduces young people to a range of living things that they may come across during an Arctic expedition.

This live lesson broadcast will put your students in contact with live Arctic science! Want to know whether the team pack anything special from home?

This live lesson broadcast from the Arctic explores what it is like to live above the Arctic Circle. Arctic research station leader Nick Cox will answer questions about his work at the UK’s Arctic Research Station.

Please note: Parents and teachers can book the lessons and presubmit shoutouts or questions through their account. Students do NOT need to book in order to watch the live lessons. You will receive joining instructions in your confirmation email upon booking.

#Fieldworklive will be a fortnight of FREE live lessons which will take place from Monday 20th April – Friday 1st May 2020, focusing on a range of Geography and Science content.

Encounter Edu provides live-education lessons which focus on 21st Century challenges. Through partnerships with experts in Science, Geography and exploration, pupils can experience an interactive lesson where their questions can be asked and answered.

Parents can register online and book into live lessons, there are packs available for home learning and preparation before an event and through the parental account pupils can submit questions for the experts. Encounter Edu recommend booking lessons as soon as possible (24 hours before the live session at the latest).

Please take some time to read through the following links for further information about how these lessons work and usage of the live chat functions during lessons: