Roads in the parish boundary

Aldbourne Avenue

Aldbourne Close

Babbacombe Road

Beauclair Drive (7-12; 8-22 only)

Beech Lane

The Beeches

Beechfield Road

Broadacre Close

Calder Drive

Calderfield Court (Beech Lane)

Calderfield Road

Calderstones Avenue

Calderstones Road (odd no’s only)

Calderstones Court (Cromptons Lane)

Catonfield Road

Childwall Abbey Road (Flats over shops         between Taggart Ave and CPA

Childwall Park Avenue

Churston Road

Cinder Lane

The Copse

Countisbury Drive

Crompton Court (flats in Cromptons Lane)

Cromptons Lane

Devon Gardens

Devon Way

Druids Cross Gardens

Druids Cross Road

Druids Park

Druidsville Road

Dudlow Drive

Dudlow Gardens

Dudlow Lane

Dudlow Nook Road

Dunbabin Road (even no’s only)

Dunsdon Close

Dunsdon Road

Eldred Road

Friarsgate Close

Gypsy Grove

Gypsy Lane

Green Lane (between Woolton Rd
& Menlove Ave)

Green Lane (Even numbers only) between Menlove Ave & Allerton Rd

Green Lane North

Greenhill Avenue

Gwydrin Road

Harthill Avenue

Harthill Road (no’s 1-11 and 2-24 only)

Hattons Lane

Heathfield Road (even no’s 44-90 only)

Highville Road

Hornby Lane

Ingledene Road

Irene Road

Lynnbank Road

Martindale Road

Menlove Ave (odd no’s 15-211 only)

Menlove Gardens North

Menlove Gardens South

Menlove Gardens West

Menlove Mansions (flats corner Woolton Rd & Menlove Gardens West)

Montclair Drive

Oulton Road

Penfold Close

Porlock Avenue

Primrose Road

Queens Drive Mossley Hill L18
(no’s 2-64 & 3-55)

Queens Drive Wavertree L15
(no’s 208-238 & 215-243)

Rutherford Road (odd no’s only)

Salisbury Park

Selworthy Green

Silverbeech Avenue

Sinclair Drive

South Highville Road

Stand Park Road

Stockville Road


Taggart Avenue

Teasville Road

Terence Road

Towers Road

Troutbeck Road

Williton Road

Woolacombe Road

Woolton Road (no’s 193-302 only)