English Curriculum

English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. All the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society; pupils, therefore, who do not learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently are effectively disenfranchised.

A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them.

Spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing. The quality and variety of language that pupils hear and speak are vital for developing their vocabulary and grammar and their understanding for reading and writing.

Reading and literature in particular play a key role in both our children’s cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development and their acquisition of knowledge.

Phonics is taught using the whole school systematic, synthetic Twinkl phonics programme.

Our reading scheme includes Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and other schemes which are phonetically decodable. We also have book banded books to ensure, continuity, progression and breadth for those children who achieve the automaticity required to move away from phonically decodable books.

Our school uses the National Curriculum in England 2014 Framework for English as the basis for its curriculum planning. In the National Curriculum the programmes of study for English are set out year-by-year for Key Stage 1 and two-yearly for Key Stage 2. The single year blocks at Key Stage 1 reflect the rapid pace of development in word reading during these two years.

Our Medium Term Plans are developed using a range of sources, including commercial support materials such as Hamilton Trust, National Literacy Trust and Rising Stars.

Additionally, we participate in other focus areas, such as: School Shakespeare Week, Votes for School and World Book Day.

While there are opportunities for children of all abilities to revisit and master key skills and knowledge in each teaching unit, the planned progression built into our English curriculum means that our children are increasingly challenged as they move through the school.

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