Music Curriculum


Music is taught from reception through to year 6.  In reception and KS1 pupils receive a weekly lesson of 45 minutes delivered by a specialist Music teacher. Pupils in year 3 receive a 45 minute lesson for three half-terms. In years 4, 5 and 6 pupils receive a 45 lesson for two-half terms. The teaching of Music, where possible, overlaps as much as possible with topics being taught.

This delivery of Music ensures all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered. Each scheme of work is written to match the requirements of the school, being as cross-curricular as possible, taking into account the levels of pupil’s musical experience and capabilities, whilst giving them the opportunity to participate fully. Pupils are taught a variety of skills to play a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, use their voices musically whilst developing vocal techniques. Throughout the individual’s musical journey, pupils learn about music from different cultures and key musical figures in these genres, including looking at different models of composition, from improvisation through formal forms of written notation.

Pupils in KS1 are taken to a live orchestral concert to develop their understanding and appreciation of live music.  When and where possible, professional musicians are brought into school to broaden and deepen the pupil’s musical experience.

There are a range of Music extra-curricular activities, such as choir, orchestra and theory clubs for pupils to deepen their knowledge of the subject.

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