At Our Lady’s Bishop Eton, we are committed to developing physical literacy to produce physically literate children who value lifelong physical activity. This is delivered through our intent – Hands, Head and Heart.


  • Physical competence
  • Growth and development
  • Physical activity
  • Competition

HEAD – THINKING (Metacognition)

  • Decision making
  • Analytical – deep understanding
  • Confidence
  • Creativity 


  • Being involved and engaged
  • Growing socially and emotionally
  • Building character and values
  • Leading a healthy active lifestyle


Our PE lessons are planned from the Get Set  4PE platform which aligns with our whole child approach and core values. Get Set 4 PE ensures that progression is built into the curriculum allowing our children to be continually challenged as they moved through our school. Our curriculum is mapped out to ensure children are given the chance to practice and develop skills and competencies across a broad and balanced range of activities. The skills taught in each year group are then developed year on year to ensure pupils are able to meet attainment targets at the end of each Key Stage. 

Additionally, as a school, we work alongside the Local School Sports Partnership to give children access to specialist instructors who deliver yoga, balance ability and Physical Activity Leaders (PALs ) training. We give children two lessons of PE each week. This implementation allows children to progress in their skills and confidence, become more physically literate and ensures that they know more and remember more.  


Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 attend one term of swimming lessons each year in an aim to ensure that each child can swim 25m confidently and proficiently by Year 6 using a variety of strokes. Additionally, it is expected that children can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.  


In the Early Year Foundation Stage, you may see Physical Education in multiple ways to allow children to meet their physical development goal. Additionally, to support this, Reception children have one PE lesson a week, delivered by a sports coach. This allows these children to develop their skills and movement need to succeed in their transition to Year 1.