At Our Lady’s Bishop Eton School we have split National Curriculum PE into 8 different categories, Athletics, Dance, (fundamental) Games, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Fielding Games. Through these categories we aim to support the development of the whole child.

We have also followed the Association for PE (AfPE) model with regards to the 3 aspects of development: ‘Heads, Hands, Heart’.

  • Head – Thinking
    • Decision making
    • Analytical – deep understanding
    • Confidence
    • Creativity
  • Hands – Doing
    • Physical competence
    • Growth and development
    • Physical activity
    • Competition
  • Heart – Behaviour
    • Being involved and engaged
    • Growing socially and emotionally
    • Building character and values
    • Leading a healthy active lifestyle

Where possible, we have organised our P.E Curriculum map to synchronise with the Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership competition calendar.